How to Apply Your Wristband

Step 1 - How to Apply Your Wristband

Step 1

Do not pull your wristband closed, with or without your wrist in it, until you are ready to wear it.

When you are ready to depart for the Festival, slip the un-tightened wristband over your right wrist.

Step 2 - How to Apply Your Wristband

Step 2

Holding onto the tails of the wristband, slide the plastic closure toward your wrist until just one finger can fit between the band and your wrist.

Do not over-tighten, the closure slides one way and cannot be loosened once the wristband is fitted. It’s helpful to have another person assist with the fitting. Do not cut the tails.

Step 3 - How to Apply Your Wristband

Step 3

At the Festival gates, staff will scan your wristband and wave you through.

Leave your wristband on your right wrist for the entire Festival weekend. You will not be allowed to enter the property without it. Regular wear and water will not harm the wristband material or its RFID.

Treat your wristband like cash.

Lost, stolen, altered or confiscated wristbands will not be replaced. Failure to properly apply your wristband will result in confiscation. This includes cutting, burning, stretching, twisting, tearing, taping, gluing, tucking or any other method of alteration.

Now it’s time to register your wristband if you haven’t already.