Pay for food, beverages, souvenirs and more with a quick scan of your wristband—it's just like swiping your card at the store! When you register for the Cashless option, you can securely link your credit or debit card to your Festival wristband. A security PIN will keep your information safe. You may also opt-in at the Cashless kiosk next to the Information booth at the Festival.

Cashless Wristbands

Do I have to sign up for Cashless?

No. Cashless is not required. That said, we encourage it as it will make Festival transactions fast and easy. With Cashless, your credit card is securely attached to your wrist, protected by a PIN.

Will I need to bring other forms of payment with me?

Yes. In the unlikely event there’s an issue with the Cashless system, we recommend bringing cash and/or a credit/debit card to the Festival.

Do I have to deposit money or does it charge directly to my card?

With Cashless, there is no need to load money onto your wristband. When you opt-in to Cashless, you will securely link your credit or debit card with your wristband. When you pay for something with your wristband, it will be just like swiping your card at a store.

What if I lose my wristband? Will someone be able to make purchases?

No. You’ll set up a PIN when you opt-into Cashless. You’ll be required to enter your PIN each time you make a purchase. Like your debit card, you shouldn’t give out your PIN or write it on your wristband.

Can I change my credit card info after opting in to Cashless?

Yes. Click “Cashless” and enter your wristband number. Then enter the email address you used when you registered for Cashless. You may now edit your account information as needed.

Will I be able to pay for everything with my wristband?

Yes. Festival food and craft vendors will accept Cashless payment.