Private Privy

Private Privy

When nature calls, she ain’t leavin’ no voicemails. That’s why we’re offering Festival campers the opportunity to rent a private, personal porta-potty for the entire weekend. You can have it all to yourself, or share it with your neighbor; the choice is yours. Now you can get down to business in the privacy of your own campsite and avoid the communal bonding that is waiting in line for the public restrooms.

What to expect:

  • One unit for your campsite Thursday-Sunday.
  • Stocked with toilet paper and sanitizer.
  • This unit is for your own private use. Consider using a lock to prevent unwanted passerby’s from droppin’ trou at your campsite.
  • Units will not be serviced or restocked during the Festival, bring your nice, soft toilet paper from home if you think you’ll go through more than a few rolls.
  • Any damage will be the responsibility of the renter.

Interested? For more information...

Contact Taelor: (541) 345-9263